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Living Word International

Bringing God's Love, Redemption Truth & Power To Life In People!

You Are Loved & Defined in Christ!

You see; for so long, for way too long, we thought that Christianity was all about us, you know, what we must do, and we have interpreted it to be something in which we now have to invite Jesus into our lives.

But no, we are only now beginning to discover together that Christianity is actually the Holy Spirit inviting mankind to return to God, to come back to Him again; He is inviting us all back again to again enter into a fellowship where we belong, and always have belonged, for all eternity; the very fellowship of the Father and of the Son, Their very oneness in the Holy Spirit, where there is no undercurrent, no negative vibe, no hint of separation or distance of any kind; just purity and light and joy and love in enjoyment of each other!

Hey, in Jesus, IN HIM, we discover that every one of us; every good and perfect gift is indeed ANOTHEN, it comes FROM ABOVE, we come FROM ABOVE, from the very “Father of light!”

And, with Him there is no darkness at all, no dark side; no hidden agenda, no other agenda than to love us! He has no other agenda than to awaken us to who we really ARE by who He really IS to us; our very origin, our very source of life, our DADDY, the One who knows us better than we know ourselves, and who loves us more than we have believed and known!

That is exactly what He came to demonstrate and prove to us in Jesus!

He came to say, “I would rather die than live without you!”

...So He did, just to prove it!

The entire Godhead, Father, Son, and Spirit came in Jesus, They made a personal appearance in space and time, in flesh, just to say: “I love you, and I forgive you of any and all sin you may believe stand between us, and now you are innocent again! – Receive My gift; embrace your forgiveness; embrace your innocence fully!”

They came, simply to win our hearts with Their enormous love for us, so that we may fall in love with Them as much as They have always been in love with us!

God boldly declares, way before the cross, already, prophetically, in Isaiah 49:16, “I have indelibly permanently imprinted (tattooed and engraved) YOU on the palm of each of My hands! It is because you are continually before Me; My eyes are always upon you; I can't get you out of My mind, and I won't stop thinking about YOU!”

In other words, “...Just in case you still don't get it, let Me spell it out for you: JESUS CHRIST means: I AM THAT MUCH IN LOVE WITH YOU!”

The Holy Spirit wants to shock each and every one of us with these eternal truths, in order to jump-start our faith and awaken us to God's love for us!

Hey, God wants to engage with each and every one of us, fully, and individually! Yes, YOU included!

So, open your heart to Him today; allow Him to embrace you in His love, and kiss back!

Ha... ha... ha... Let's get back to the simplicity of the gospel, it's not that complicated, amen; love is not complicated! It doesn't have to be anyway!

I so love the context of God's “mirror” language, because it makes this unveiling in Christ so simple, and yet, so very personal.

It is no longer a mere gazing into some vast distant horizon trying to decipher the undecipherable, beyond our reach, but it's just you and me, us, engaging, in the One, who has redeemed our oneness.

Hey, oneness is redeemed!

Our togetherness is redeemed!

Every possible dispute has been resolved and done away with in Him!

Every possible definition of distance or delay has been dealt with and canceled out!

Every possible thing that could interfere with this place of abiding and enjoying unending encounter, of celebrating oneness, has been dealt with and removed and done away with forever!

Finally, with finality, when He declared it is finished, it was truly finished!

We now stand complete in Him!

Can you just imagine with me for one second the gravity of that statement, “It is finished!” in the context of the God of the entire universe; the very Engineer of our lives?

Can you just imagine the weight of those words?

Can you just imagine how much authority and power are behind those words when He declared, “It is finished! It is done!”?

He is the One who knew the end, from the beginning!

He is the One who declares fullness of time; completeness of time!

He is the One who gives time context!

When we talk quantum physics I remember some professor saying that, “Time is a cosmic convenience that keeps everything from happening all at once!”

Ha... ha... ha...

I can now see why what we receive in the word, in the gospel in seed form takes time to unpack in our understanding! And even with that it is almost too much to handle!

Hey, “For ages upon ages to come He intends to unfold for us and show us and overwhelm us with the exceeding riches of His grace, in His kindness towards us, demonstrated to us in Christ Jesus!” - Ephesians 2:7.

We are indeed dealing with good news that is beyond good; almost too good to be true ...except, IT IS TRUE; IT IS THE TRUTH!

I never really studied science in school, I was bored to sleep then, but now I kind of wish I did pay more attention and studied science when I had the opportunity years ago, because it's so fascinating to me now.

We live in such a marvelously fascinating world!

My wife and I know this young girl, whom we were friends with for a while, who is a biochemist, and she introduced us to another friend of hers who has a doctorates degree in quantum physics. And talking to them it was so amazing just to sit and listen to an expert, and to then hear, in the context of science, how true science confirms over and over again everything that God is!

There is no contradiction there!

That continual rhythm, the dance of Life Himself, in whom we live and move and have our being, is not somehow compromised in the gospel.

No, on the contrary, the gospel is the very voice of God that exhibits eternity in our space of time.

In Him, in Jesus Christ, eternity is unveiled in our space of time!

And not in some frail, inferior context either, but in the very fullness of Deity tabernacling and dwelling in a human body, and in human life!

The human body, human life, is the very arena of God; the very capacity of God; for His fullness to find full expression!

The heavens cannot measure Him; light-years cannot define Him, but the fullness, (His completeness) is unveiled in human form, in Jesus ...and He is on exhibit in the gospel your gaze, in your very moment of encounter.

God has made the incarnation to be the greatest event of all time!

And thus He has designed this place of encounter in the incarnation, in the person of Jesus, to be the very reference to our eternal oneness, where nothing can separate us from the love of Christ; from the love of God!

The incarnation is God's deceleration that no crisis in the future, no crises in the now, nothing that happened in our past, historically, can ever again interfere with the God who is determined to relentlessly love us ...the God who has made up His mind about us!

He has declared His mind in the incarnation; in the man, Jesus Christ!

Jesus is forever the language of God!

You know, there are so many astounding theories and thoughts and ideas and opinions floating around on Facebook and social media, unbelievable stuff really, many wonderful profound philosophies about discovering the true self, but hey, without a true reference, without God's solid immovable reference of us revealed and cemented in Christ, you will just lose yourself ...and that other supposed true self you then discover will just lose its glory and begin to fade away and be swallowed up again by that maze of self-effort; of trying to define yourself yet again, by your latest persuasion you try to convince yourself and others with, or by your best intentions ...when all along, God has given HIM, Jesus, a name that stands out above every other name, in order that we might consider Him and what God Himself revealed there in Him, exclusively!

The name, Jesus Christ, celebrates God's act of rescuing us; not our ability to try and pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps into higher levels of consciousness and self-awareness and supposed spirituality!

No, listen, you cannot be any more of a spirit, any more spiritual than you already are!

You are already as compatible as can be to spiritual life; to the Spirit of God and to life in the spirit realm!

So, hey, I have news for you: Where you are trying to get to, you already are!

Stop looking for a place called, THERE!

THERE is where you are to begin with!

We need to once and for all discover our Maker ...stooping down ...engaging us where we are at, in order to breathe life and elevate us to a place of absolute equality in fellowship and oneness, enjoying intimacy of the highest order

...Fully embraced and enthroned in love!

Hey, He who ascended is also He who first descended to the lowest pits of despair; He came in person and broke the chains that held us captive, in our minds, since Adam's days, trapped in all our many and various inferior references of ourselves; references of inferiority, of guilt, and of condemnation, and of worthlessness, and of hopelessness!

Oh, hallelujah, He stepped out of eternity into our world with a bold deceleration in the incarnation!

The incarnation is the key that unlocks God's original thought, because God's thought was never compromised.

God's rest was never compromised!

And so, in the person of Jesus Christ, and through His successful work of redemption, we are invited into God's own rest, where we may now cease from our own labors, where we may now cease our best efforts to try and discover our true selves on our own, and improve upon our identity; who we think we are.

Hey, we may now cease from our best attempts at improving upon perfection! How can you improve perfection? We are God's workmanship, and His work is perfect! There is nothing wrong with you! You are His workmanship; His one of a kind masterpiece!

How can you add another stroke to a canvas that already declares YOU fully

...Full image ...Complete likeness ...God's very own!

You are the very offspring of your Origin, of your Maker, of the Author of your life; you are His very image and likeness; His masterpiece – His self-portrait!

He is the One who found full expression when He brought you forth out of Himself; when He wrote your DNA code, when He clothed you in skin, when He found in you a tabernacle for Himself, for His Spirit, which no building made by human hands can compete with or ever even compare with!

As far as God's concerned, you are it – His permanent abode!

You are indeed the greatest idea God's ever had; we're His love-dream come true!

You're the object of His desire; you're not the invention of your parents!

In a world where multitudes feel unwanted, unloved, and unimportant, the gospel introduces us to the heartbeat behind creation; the fact that you are what inspire the Father, Son, and Spirit MOST!

You began in Their most intimate thought, that is your origin; not just your Mother's womb.

“Before I formed you in your mother's womb I knew you!” - Jeremiah 1:5

Those who are in unbelief will never enjoy rest, but it doesn't mean it is not available!

Rest is available, but only in this truth, the ultimate truth, revealed in Jesus!

You see; the gospel does not demand faith; it supplies it!

In the fullness of time, in Christ Jesus, Father God, in His passionate love for us, presented us again to ourselves, face to face with Him, in blameless innocence!

That is the core of the gospel my friends!

The gospel ignites our faith by revealing the faith of God to us about us!

So, the gospel we preach is simply our unveiled understanding of all that God always knew to be true about you!

Therefore now, with unveiled faces we may all gaze and see for ourselves.

...And so, our gaze is not distracted anymore, but instead, we clearly see, and now we also clearly understand.

We are not those who look and see in part and thus drift away again. No, our souls are anchored by what we so clearly SEE; by the TRUTH so clearly unveiled in Jesus Christ!

James talks about this in James 1:22-25. He talks about the fact that our doing stems from our listening to the word of truth revealed in the gospel, and seeing or grasping accurately what it says.

Hey, our doing is first of all a seeing; way before it ever becomes a doing!

But he says, “He who hears the word, and does not look or peer intently into it, (the Greek uses the word, PARAKUPTO, close examination, as in a microscope, or telescope,) that person who does not look or peer intently into what the gospel communicates, will of course not absorb or ingest what is being said, because they won't fully understand or comprehend what they are hearing, and therefore what is being said cannot renew their mind, and so, that person is like a person who observes his true face, the face of his origin, of his true birth, as in a mirror, but then, because he only glanced at it instead of focusing on what he is looking at and seeing, there in the mirror, he goes his way again, and walks away from what is being said, unchanged.”

Where would one who walks away go to?

James says, “He simply goes his way again;” in other words, they simply go back to their old way of seeing themselves.

You basically ignore, or didn't hold on to what you heard, because you either didn't fully understand it, or you didn't believe it, either way, you didn't see it as valuable enough, you didn't treasure it enough, to consider it further, or to consider it worth holding on to, and to focus on it and make it a priority, embracing it fully, and so you simply get distracted again by natural life, life in this natural dimension, and you forget again what manner of man, what manner of person you really truly are; what manner of being God Himself has revealed you to be in the mirror of Christ, in the mirror of the Word revealed in the gospel.

So, Jesus has come by the original Word of truth, declaring what manner of being we really are!

He fully represents the spectacular God, from whom every blessing and every gift comes – including YOU! It comes ANOTHEN, from above! YOU come from above!

Every blessing, in heavenly places, in God, and in you; every perfection is defined in Jesus!

This spectacular God, the father of light itself, He is our EGENETO, our genesis; our father – He brought us forth; and so we were birthed in His Word, and brought forth! Hey we are talking about the Word of Truth here! The very Greek word for truth ALETHEIA, also spells it out, it means, UNVEILING.

The very UNVEILING of our original being is on such perfect exhibit in Jesus!

God has preserved in Christ a perfect record of us; He has it on record, which is why He could so boldly UNVEIL it in Christ!

And now to hear this word, James says, it is like seeing the face of your birth, as in a mirror.

What does maturity look like in the children of God?

It looks like faith, it looks like clarity of understanding, seeing clearly for ourselves, and fully embracing what we now see, and therefore also a total surrender to who we really are; a total yielding to Love's indwelling!

He came and revealed the truth, the truth of who we really are, and the truth of His love for us, our true value, our complete worth!

And thus, in His brutal death Jesus absorbed the total curse of ignorance and deception that came upon the human race in the fall, and dissolved it in His person!

He came and revealed the truth to win our hearts, so that those who live should no longer live an empty lonely existence, but begin to live life with Him and for Him; in oneness with Him! - 2 Corinthians 5:15.

James 1:18, “He brought us forth, by the word of truth!” It's the authentic original us He brings forth! That's what the truth, the UNVEILING is designed to accomplish!

How can people be rescued from the power of darkness, unless the massage they hear has enough truth in it to set them free!

Hey, the accurate truth as it is revealed in Jesus is the only kind of message that has enough power in it to set people completely free!

That is exactly where we, those of us who understand and comprehend these things come in to play!

As you can probably realize by now, I have written all this, because God is not embarrassed about what He has in you and because He wants to shock you with rivers of living water, bursting forth, not from some wonderful pastor's pulpit ministry, but from your inner most being!

Your heart, your inner most being is God's very resource here on planet earth, which carries the full, complete strategy of God; it all resides within YOU!

God invested everything He has in you!

Jesus had no other reference, and no other mission than the unveiling of the original blueprint-thought and idea of God, to be made visible, tangible – very real, in human form and in human life!

Your body and your very soul have what it takes to carry the full expression of Deity in your everyday life!

This reminds me of Marie Curie, a very famous scientist, who in the 1890’s discovered the element of Radium with an instrument that her husband, Professor Pierre Curie designed.

Radium spontaneously and continuously transmits an energy that is radioactive.

But, without this instrument Professor Pierre Curie designed, it was impossible to detect the presence of radium in the ore.

This valuable and rare element is a mere one millionth of a percent present in the ore that carries it.

Yet the ore takes its value from the treasure it holds, and emanates its essence and energy.

This is exactly true about human life.

We have this treasure (the invisible Christ) in an earthen vessel (2 Corinthians 4:7).

Even in the most corrupt and evil life, we must believe that the value of the human spirit remains intact, in its full capacity, to respond to and therefore also reveal the treasure.

Just like temperature cannot be measured by a ruler, there is only one valid measure whereby human life is accurately measured: Jesus, the mirror blueprint of our design.

In 2 Corinthians 13:5 Paul challenges us all:

"I implore you to examine faith for yourselves – in order to test what it is that you really believe.

Faith is so much more than the mere veneer of a superstitious belief in a historic Christ; faith is about realizing Jesus Christ in you, in the midst of contradiction!

Just as ore is placed into a crucible, where the dross is separated from the gold in a furnace, examine God's faith for yourself, and come to the conclusion for yourselves of His indwelling!

Should it appear to you that Christ is absent in your life, look again, you have obviously done the test wrong!" - Mirror Study Bible.

Realizing the mirror blueprint of your design; realizing Christ in you, concluding for yourself His indwelling – This is what Jesus redeemed!

Grace has no greater definition!

"Grace was given to each one of us according to the measure of the gift of Christ (The gift of Christ gives dimension to grace, and defines our individual value)” - Ephesians 4:7.

Grace reveals the Divine nature, and grace reveals at the same time also that we are partakers of the Divine nature!

Grace is the very atmosphere of love and acceptance by which we discover ourselves in Him

...And it then also becomes the very environment by which we grow up into Him; into love and its full expression in our lives!

The very wisdom Grace introduces to us teaches us not to submit to every thought, emotion, desire, opinion, or philosophy, trying to influence and shape us!

We are shaped and formed, transformed indeed by one thing and one thing only – the abiding embraced Word of Truth!

I thank God for opportunities of fellowship around these things, wherein we can be mutually encouraged in one another's faith, in each other's testimony; mutually stirred in one another's presence and expression of Him!

But, let me add that what you enjoy in the most intense moments of encounter together does not diminish, when you are out there, on your own, facing the most severe contradiction.

I want you to really know this, deep inside of you!

This reality; this revelation from God we find ourselves living in, is not just a beautifully polished idea that we have now somehow packaged in our supposedly new “mirror” doctrine, put together in pretty blue and red, or black Mirror Study Bibles.

No, listen, this idea, this revelation is the very energy of God waiting to erupt in your person, and in your mouth, simply because of what you see; what you grasp!

My wife and I have traveled all over the world, and it is beautiful everywhere, even in the deserts, it's beautiful, but sometimes you know, you get so shocked with the beauty of a place or scenery, even sometimes right in your own backyard.

Often, the evidence of the natural horizon is so in your face, and you know, our participation in the same moment, whether it is a sunrise or sunset or cloud formation or whatever, would always ignite personal individual expressions and remarks and conversation.

One would always want to point at something so absolutely obvious, but somehow in our pointing to the same substance, to the same reference, there is such a mutual enjoyment of the moment, because each one of us observe and perceive that moment for ourselves, with our own eyes.

“The seeing eye and the hearing ear, the Lord has made them both” - Proverbs 20:12.


Because it is the dream of God to behold and encounter these spectacular encounter moments with you, through your eyes, in your very being, in your person, in your skin.

For way too long we have maintained the lie of separation and many other lies in our eloquent doctrines.

Many of our religious doctrines, even our Christian doctrines we have inherited, support and reinforce the idea of distance, and delay.

“Brother, you're not quite THERE yet! You might get THERE one day in Heaven, perhaps, but not NOW, not in this life!”

Hey listen; Jesus came and tore the veil, and exposed reality, in His birth, in His human skin. He came to declare that there is no separation between God and man; that separation is a lie!

I say again: Separation from God is a lie we believed and lived; it's an illusion Jesus came to debunk and obliterate!

He came to declare the truth about God and therefore by default also the truth about every human being.

He came to unveil reality; He came to reveal the oneness that exists between God and man reconciled in one body!

He came to represent the fullness of both God and man united in one body!

Jesus is the full blueprint, the complete design of the human being on display; the exact representation, the very image and likeness of God in human form.

As I said, He came to declare the truth about every human being, not as a new product on the market, you know; if you can't make up your mind which religion suits you, and you are perhaps tired of Islam, or tired of your Buddhist philosophies; then give Jesus a try.

No! Jesus came to unveil the integrity of every person's design; every single individual on the face of the earth.

Jesus did not show up here and say, “Hey, you know what guys, Buddha and Confucius had it right long before I came along, so come on, let's just all follow them now!”

No, He didn't say that!

In fact He said, “I am the good Shepherd; compared to Me, everyone that came before Me are like thieves and robbers!” - John 9:39-41; 10:1-21.

He said, “The sheep are really truly My sheep, and they will hear My voice, and a stranger's voice they will no longer follow!” - John 10:2-5; 12-18.

So, come on, hear His voice today; it's the authentic voice of your original design!

I say again: Jesus came to unveil the integrity of every person's design; YOUR design!

And so now the gospel is that which reveals and elevates the truth of it, in such a way that we may all, individually KNOW, intimately know THE TRUTH, and escape the lie!

In beholding Him correctly, accurately, KNOWING THE TRUTH and the freedom that comes with it, is not only possible but most likely to be our experience!

Hey, as our eyes are completely compatible to appreciate the same reference, the same moment, in our own personal encounter of nature, how much more are we absolutely compatible to engage with the fullness of Deity and become one with Deity, and with the Divine nature, right here in human form, in the here and now, beholding that Deity, Deity Themselves, beholding the Divine nature in human form, in Jesus, no longer blinded ourselves, but beholding Him with an unveiled face, as in a Mirror!

In Revelations 3:15 Jesus speaks to the sincerely religious who are devoted to their religion and He says, “I am familiar with your works and you remind of the typical situation in Laodicea! How I wished that your lives were like the cold, refreshing water of Colossae, or like the waters of the healing thermal springs of Hierapolis! But they are neither cold nor hot! (He is speaking of the waters that arrive via the aqueducts in Laodicea).”

Verse 16, “This is what really disappoints, when one anticipates a refreshing cool drink but instead get a mouthful of lukewarm Sulphur-tasting water, you would naturally spit it out! Hey, there is no substitute for living from the source. Compromise could never suffice!”

(This metaphor revealing the utter ignorance of those who prefer their religion and philosophy over what was revealed to us in Jesus, has been drawn from the water supply of the city of Laodicea, which was lukewarm, or Sulphur-tasting, in contrast to the beneficial hot springs at nearby Hierapolis – [6 miles north] and the cold, refreshing pure waters from Colossae – [11 miles east]. Laodicea had aqueducts connecting it to these sources.

This imagery of the Laodicean aqueducts suggests not that “hot” is good and “cold” is bad, [which is the usual religious imagery used to scare and motivate and control followers], but it reveals that both hot and cold water are useful, whereas lukewarm Sulphur-tasting water is emetic and produces a natural response – you would naturally spit it out, if you knew what was good for you!

Those who deliberately drink it, in spite of their whole system being revolted by it, will pay the price in their own body; they will get sick from it!

The sheer hell of violent vomiting, and even organ failure, can be avoided by being in tune with the body's voice, cluing you in, from within

Hierapolis became a Healing Center where doctors used the thermal springs as a treatment for their patients.

Of course pure delicious water, [which in itself have always been treasured and today is considered quite a valuable commodity indeed], can only be found at its fountain head source, rising to the surface in places like Colossae.

It is interesting to note that Laodocea, as it used to be called, was referred to by Ramsay The Great as “The City of Compromise!”

This again highlights the danger of a mixed message when it comes to Christ, not drawn directly from the Source, but still en-route, mingled with one’s own ideas, efforts and performance in some kind of advanced religious aqueduct system.

It sounds to me just like the apostle Paul warning the Galatians not to add a little leaven of legalistic religious law to the pure message of Christ, and thus leavening the entire lump of dough, for all intents and purposes, ruined! [Leaven ruins the purity of dough's original ingredients, and changes the dough, making it into something it was never intended to be – especially in a Jewish prophetic kosher-ritual Messianic context, using unleavened bread]).

In Africa and places like India, etc. people understand that in order to drink water in its purest form, you have to go directly to the source, the fountain-head – way up high in the mountains sometimes; no telling what you’ll find mixed in with that water trying to drink it further down the stream!

Ha… ha… ha… disgusting!

I am so glad that Jesus's own brother James, who did not at first believe in Him, (in fact none of His brothers did during His earthly time of ministry, according to John 7:5), I am so glad that he too saw the light and wrote about it.

After Jesus appeared to James also, after the resurrection, the light came on for James as well; it was like daylight finally broke through in his understanding, and then shone forth in its full brightness; in its full capacity to ignite.

And so as we read the letter James wrote and left behind as a witness to all of humanity, we discover there that he declares boldly, in the face of every possible contradiction that “...the Word of truth, brought us forth!” (James 1:18).

It is always so lovely to witness there in his letter written and left to us, how James allows the very setting of contradiction to become the backdrop in front of which ...the very stage upon which a victorious life is lived out!

You see, in this very encounter which James enjoys he could say exactly what Paul says in 2 Corinthians 5:16, “From now on therefore, we no longer know anyone according to the flesh! Even though we at one time even knew Christ according to the flesh, we now know Him thus no longer!”

This same Paul, before he understood the gospel, thought he knew the Messiah, but he only knew the Messiah according to his many many years of dedicated diligent study, and his own background of being part of the lineage of Benjamin, and his pride in upholding the Jewish faith see; the whole prophetic focus of their faith was the Messiah ...except their conclusions about who he is and what he was supposed to come and accomplish was wrong ...they thought that he was supposed to come and save them from the Roman Empire, and restore to them the former glory of Israel.

But as I said, that was “knowing Christ according to the flesh;” it was not however knowing Christ correctly; accurately!

What Paul was really saying in a number of places in so many of his letters was that, having known the Messiah, what I thought was a correct knowledge of him, an accurate understanding of who he is ...having known him according to our opinion of who “Messiah” was, I was shocked to meet Him, while I was persecuting Him! Ha... ha... ha...

You know, one can get so polished in your own doctrine that your doctrine even justifies you persecuting Jesus himself.

Thank God Jesus is not offended; He doesn't take offense! But nevertheless, you can be utterly distracted and useless, and getting in the way; even outright apposing Him in your ignorance.

Just like with Jesus's own brothers, James included, I mean, just imagine, he grew up with Jesus, and he too felt the excitement initially when his brother turned water into wine; what a hero their brother Jesus was when he made everyone happy at the wedding, but only until a short while later when the Pharisees and religious leaders turned against him, and when he went as far as to go to their Holy Temple in Jerusalem and scatter the animals and confront the money changers, and overturn their money changing tables; totally disrupting the haggling and bickering and sale of the sacred sacrifices in the Temple.

I mean, just imagine James, still a bit offended at his now dead brother, and disappointed as he was, suddenly meeting the resurrected Jesus, and discovering that in the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, WE (humanity) were born anew ...he, James, included!

Suddenly who Jesus really was, and what His mission really was, became very personal to dear brother James!

Ha... ha... ha... Isn't that awesome! Jesus's own brother discovering Him, Jesus, and His resurrection to be the light of life!

Hey listen; the new birth finds its only accurate definition in the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead! (1 Peter 1:3)

Hosea Chapter 6, the only direct reference to the third day resurrection in the entire Old Testament Scriptures, includes us!

“After two days He will revive US; on the third day He will raise US up, that WE might live in His presence!” - Hosea 6:2

...US, who?

WE, evangelical, Baptist believers?

US born again Christians only?

WE, Charismatic, Pentecostal, tongue talking believers ...or whatever banner or badge we'd like to wear or go by?

No, no, no, US, humanity!

“Because One has died for all...”

...says Paul? Nope!

Says God!

Hey; Paul got it from God!

That's why he didn't even bother copyrighting it, ha... ha... ha...

No, Paul says,

“The love of Christ overwhelms me; it resonates strongly within me, and I am convinced that in the opinion of God, in the eternal thought of God, in the calculation of God; in God's economy, in God's FAITH, and therefore in all reality, Jesus died humanity's death!”

How was that possible if humanity was not already in Christ?

I mean, if we weren't in Christ to begin with, there is no way we could have died when He died, and be raised together with Him, and be co-seated with Him in heavenly places!

I say again: Separation from God is a lie we believed and lived; it's an illusion which Jesus Christ came to debunk and obliterate!

Whatever we may have allowed to define us before, defines us no more!

CHRIST defines us best!

In Jesus dying humanity's death, He brings closure to every lie that we ever believed about ourselves, and about God!

The good news is that we are not going to still receive an INVOICE for our sins and of what we STILL OWE – The resurrection was God issuing us a RECEIPT ONCE AND FOR ALL of our absolute AQUITTAL! - Romans 4:25.

I remind you that the word, AQUITTAL speaks of a trial resulting in a judgment and a verdict that a person is not guilty of the crime with which the person has been charged!

Hey listen; when it comes to the faith of God, to God's verdict and conclusion, your opinion isn't part of the recipe; part of the equation!

Do yourself a favor and allow His faith to become your opinion; your faith! (If you perhaps still have problems with God's acquittal verdict, get my books: God's Love For You! God's Eternal Purpose! God's Inheritance In You! And, You are Totally Forgiven! These will help you comprehend it better).

Now, how did we get there? How did we get into Christ to begin with?

Ephesians 1: 4-5 says that, “God (chose us, or) associated us in Christ, before the fall of the world, so that we might be holy and blameless before Him in love; yes, in love He predestined (or pre-designed) us to be His offspring; jointly formed in the image of the Son, and to then fully grasp our likeness, through Jesus Christ. This was His greatest desire come to life; His greatest pleasure!”

And then also 1 Corinthians 1:30 says very clearly that “Of God's own doing are you in Christ, who has become unto us wisdom from above; He has become our righteousness; our sanctification – our redemption entirely!”

There are so many other scriptures related to this theme, of being in Christ, by God's doing, which I mentioned often enough in almost all of my writings, but I want to emphasize this reality again here on this page.

Hey listen; people are not in Christ because of something that they have done to qualify themselves enough to get into Christ somehow.

You see, religion wants us to believe that, and they have made us think that being in Christ is almost like choosing a team, but they have it wrong!

We have all supported various sports teams over the years, and in this area where I live there are two college football teams, that stand out; (we are speaking American football teams now), the Carolina Gamecocks and the Clemson Tigers, and I live very close to the college town of Clemson, and so naturally most folks around here support the local Clemson team, rather than the Carolina Gamecocks, unless you want to be obstinate, which in my opinion would be the only reason why you would live in my neighborhood, and still support the Gamecocks, unless they are your “alma mater” or something, but other than that there should be no reason too

...but that's just my bias opinion, ha... ha... ha...

Anyways, the Gamecocks thing I understand, but I am always shocked when I drive down the road and I find little yard flags, especially in my neck of the woods, representing some other team entirely, from way up north or something, that aren't even from around here, I mean we are smack dab in the heart of the South for pity's sake! Ha... ha... ha...

But then alas, out of politeness or politically correctness, or whatever, I don't even know which it is anymore, but there you have it, we just kind of accept it and live with the idea, that okay, you know, it's totally off the mark, way out in left field, but it's your choice. Ha... ha... ha...

And so you see; that's exactly how we have presented the gospel as well, like, all you have to do, you see, is, make a choice; you have to make your own choice for Jesus

...or is that the Clemson Tigers, or the Carolina Gamecocks, or the Mighty Ducks all the way from Canada, ha... ha... ha...

...or perhaps Islam, or Buddhism, or even Wicca and Satanism etc.

No wonder we are so messed up and confused when it comes to the very many choices and competing conflicting religious ideas floating around in the world today.

Hey just because it is being sold as truth doesn't mean it is accurate! And just because they call it faith doesn't mean it's derived from TRUTH!

Hey man, we have regarded man's concocted opinions for far too long, and we have placed way too much emphasis, for way too long upon man's idea of what man's correct response to God is supposed to be, instead of God's initiative which produces its own proper response, and we have felt absolutely persuaded about our emphasis, and about the idea that that is the way you do it; you just have to make a choice, a quality decision to choose for Jesus, to choose Him over the rest, you've got to choose for Jesus, instead of against Him

...and that's it, you see, once you have made your own choice for Jesus, now you are saved, hallelujah long as you stick to that quality choice of course, and don't become double-minded again, making other choices, otherwise all bets are off and you're on the out again.

That is nothing other than boasting in the lie that we can save ourselves, and be our own savior, by our own choices!

Hey, I thank God that faith and salvation has a much stronger foundation, rooted in what God has unveiled, bringing us to a new understanding and helping us grasp the truth, as it is revealed in Jesus!

This is what God's truth is all about: Christ is not an example for us, but of us!

Any Guru, or any other philosophy we want to follow, and any fake identity we still want to cling to that doesn't align with that revelation, is inferior to it, and no longer appropriate!

I say again: Christ is not an example for us, but of us!

That is what God's ultimate truth concerning us is all about!

Thoughts On Hell

Now before you start throwing stones at me, ha... ha... ha... do you know what the Hebrew word for “RIGHTEOUSNESS” is?

It's the word TSADOK, and it literally refers to the wooden beam (or cross beam) which represents that which measures equilibrium, balance, or accuracy, in a scale of balances.

Still, today, in many of our judicial systems the scale of justice is very prominent.

This public picture of judicial scales, representing the cross and righteousness, has its prophetic roots in the original idea of God to reveal absolutely accurately, in exact detail, the very content of His image and likeness, in human form.

Way back, in the beginning of things, the book of Genesis already reveals to us that what God witnessed of His expression in human form totally satisfies God, to such an extent, that God can now relax and go into celebration mode!

I mean, what God saw of Himself in Man, completely, accurately, matches what God had in mind from the beginning, so much so that it caused God to enter the Sabbath rest and celebration, permanently.

God was absolutely satisfied by what He saw; He is still absolutely satisfied by what He sees in you!

That is why Hebrews 4 boldly declares that God is inviting us into that rest; into HIS REST – His Sabbath relaxation; His deep satisfaction mode and celebration and enjoyment!

“He celebrates you in His joy; He is excited and elated over you! He sings and dances in wild abandonment over you! He draws you into His peace by His love for you!” - Zephaniah 3:17.

Hey, the canvas didn't and doesn't need yet another stroke of the paintbrush! Because the name of the Father from whom every family in heaven and on earth is named was and is already signed and engraved within every human life!

Just think about it: He signed and engraved His name; He permanently attached Himself, to this being called Man. We are His masterpiece, and His masterpiece was and is complete; lacking nothing!

And so, we discover that in this context of creation, and therefore also in the context of redemption, in this context of God's scale, mankind shares God's image! Mankind shares likeness with God!

The very theme of Scripture carries the thought of image and likeness, not only revealed, but now redeemed, so that the joy of our study of Scripture is always found in this wonderful parallel: Whatever was prophetically portrayed in the shadow reference became substance! The promise became Person!

Jesus Christ reveals (both Man and God) equally in one body!

Hey, hallelujah, we are no longer dealing with a shadow system, a prophetic system, where we have to still try and project future tense events that could possibly enhance or endorse what really we already need to have happen in our lives today!

I am so glad that God is not intimidated by time; time is not a hindrance to Him.

Jesus lived with James for 30 years and then another 3 and a ½ years in ministry also, and James went through all kinds of feelings and emotions and perceptions and opinions about his brother, from liking him, and perhaps being impressed with him, and admiring him, to being disappointed with him, and perhaps concerned that he really lost it you know, and then perhaps even a little disillusioned with him, and angry at him as well.

Oh don't get me wrong, he loved his brother Jesus, but for 33 and ½ years he only knew him after the flesh, until after all this time, the real Jesus finally appeared also to him after the resurrection, and he got the biggest eye opener of a revelation ever, when he finally saw for himself that I too am born from above; the Father of Jesus is my Father too – and we are not talking Joseph here!

Ha... ha... ha... Hallelujah!

Don't get worried about time, about how much life you have already lived, and how much time or how little time you still have left! Sometimes we want to get so rushed trying to obtain, so much so that we even want to fast forward time, but hey no, just engage in the moment; engage with the grace of now! Because God lives in this very moment, and He isn't going anywhere!

Hey, eternity dwells within you right now!

Eternity is not some delayed happening, in your far or perhaps near future. Eternity is exactly right now; this very moment, we are in eternity!

Hey, we cannot ever become more eternal than what we already are in this very moment; we are eternal beings, reflecting Him!

We are just, right now even, embraced in this eternal dance of life, with the Author of life itself. He already generously gives to all, life, breath and all other things; all things exist through Him and for Him, and He upholds all things; in Him all things consist, all things are held together and maintained in Him!

So, we are already embraced in this eternal dance of life, with Life and Love Himself!

We already stand invited to participate fully, in this eternal dance; this eternal romance!

Ha... ha... ha... talk about quantum entanglement theory! It's not just a theory anymore; it's become reality if you ask me, amen!? There is no separation! Separation is an illusion, a convenient lie people tell themselves.

But, just because a horse has blinders on, and cannot see the grass on the side of the road, fields of it even, it doesn't mean the grass in his blind-spot doesn't exist!

This is our beingness, our consciousness, our very existence we are talking about here; in Him we live and move and have our very being; our beingness!

God wants us to understand eternity and connect with eternity! We are in eternity, amen!?

And hey, we didn't get there by our permission!

Some awaken to these realities earlier than others and some may keep running from it and never awaken to it, but when we do awaken we just awaken to the REALITY of our beingness; we simply awaken, by the Spirit of Truth awakening us by an UNVEILING of eternal truth!

And that truth lines up with what has been revealed about us by God in the person of Jesus Christ!

In Him God unveiled ultimate reality!

In Jesus God revealed our oneness with Him and He revealed that separation is ultimately a lie!

Hey that is ultimate reality!

God is larger than life; He is reality itself!

But that doesn't mean everyone is born a Christian, or that experiencing Paradise heaven automatically awaits everyone when they die!

There were 2 thieves also hanging on crosses next to Jesus, both about to die, but they saw and perceived reality in vastly different ways, and therefore they were now also facing very different realities from one another in the eternal realm!

The one, in his confusion, anger, and hurt, cursed God even with his dying breath and wanted nothing to do with Him

...while the other recognized the God in Jesus, who came in love, to heal, and forgive, and set free; and not to punish and reject, and so he said to Jesus, “Lord, when you come into your kingdom today, please remember me (please help me)!” (Luke 23:32-34, 39-42).

And what was Jesus's response?

He did not say, “I tell you the truth, today you and that other fellow both will be with Me in Paradise!”

No, He didn't say that, did He!?

His response is very personal and directed directly at the man with the fresh new perspective and change of attitude and change of heart!

Jesus answered him, “I tell you the truth, 'Today, you will be with Me in Paradise!'” - Luke 23:43.

The Scripture of course is silent on what happened to the other fellow after he died, still shaking his fist at God and the world in his anger, bitterness, confusion, deception and self-delusion.

My guess is that he didn't just magically have a sudden change of mind and heart just because he stepped through death's door and found himself in eternity, even after realizing that God takes up all the space there, and that there is nothing else to escape to; nowhere else to hide!

Hey, the Godhead and their eternal presence – Mr. Love Himself, is larger than life; His love is an all-consuming fire, a never ending passion, a love affair, an absolute addiction, to those who have embraced Him in the PERICHORESIS – the eternal dance and romance duet of the ages, but His love, that same love, is an intense tormenting fire, to those who reject Him ...except there is nowhere to go, nowhere to hide; no escape!

Can you just imagine how intense that must be!?

It is like being trapped in a very small little space with very little to no breathing room, FOR ALL ETERNITY with someone you don't want to be with and can't stand!

“Where can I go, to escape from Your Spirit? Where can I flee to, to escape from Your very presence, oh God? If I go up to the heavens, You are there! Even if I make my bed in the depths of SHEOL (Death or Hell) itself, You are still there!” - Psalm 139:7-8.

You see; God is larger than life, He is reality itself, and no matter what people say or want to believe, the truth is, the fact is, the REALITY is that separation from God is an illusion – a convenient self-delusion, a lie we tell ourselves; a deception we believe and live here on earth, like a horse with blinders on, or an ostrich with its head in the sand; but it is not going to last!

No matter how hard it is for you to wrap your brain around it in order to comprehend it, the truth is, we are in eternity already, ha... ha... ha... and we are going to remain in eternity when we step through death's door!

Eternity isn't going anywhere – God isn't going to go away just because you perhaps wish it so!

Hey, the “Lake of Fire” is right now! It is in the presence of the Lamb; Man is confronted by Holy Angels – confronted by what is represented in the Lamb!

That Lake of Fire, just like the wrong tree, is smack dab in the center of Heaven's garden, in the center of Paradise itself; in LOVE's very presence! (Just as it says, in Revelation 14:9-10; 20:10, 14-15).

That lake of FIRE ...that DEEP LAKE of our own self-consuming destructive passions, deceptions, self-delusions, and confusion, anger and bitterness – that very “HELL” we have made for ourselves and prefer to live and hide in, is not in some forgotten dark corner of Paradise, or conveniently outside the gates of Heaven, where we can be left alone to ourselves, stewing in our own misery...while still feeling annoyed and irritated and perturbed at God, still gnashing our teeth at the Godhead, in anguish and frustration, anger and hate; blaming them for our lives lived, for everything that went wrong while we were living life in the flesh, even though none of it was LOVE's fault to begin with!

No my friends we are in eternity right now already, it's a reality already, and when we step through death's door, we will still be in eternity, living in that same reality we were living in before, living in whatever version of eternity we are living in right now, either eating from the Tree of Life Himself, or eating from the wrong tree; the death tree!

...So, when we step through death's door, we will be living in the same version of eternity we are living in right now, but we will be experiencing a more intense version of that reality!

We won't be able to lie to ourselves and fool ourselves anymore; we will stand there stripped naked, face to face with our own reality; a reality of our own making!

Now just as a side note here: I know that the book of Revelation is a very controversial subject, but I want to remind you that we are not living in prophetic future tense mode anymore!

So, always remember this fact that, the apostle John did not write the book of Revelation to tell us what to expect when we die!

And always remember this too: The book of Revelation do not describe literal things.

John is not talking about literal Wine Presses, Lions, Lambs, Dragons, Seas made out of Glass, Lakes of Fire, Monstrous Beasts with more than one head, or Cities dropping out of the sky, etc.; no, the book of Revelation is written in typology language and outlandish picture language – IT IS ALL SYMBOLS!

The author, John, was writing to a mostly Jewish audience, and so he uses well known symbols used throughout Israel's ancient prophetic scriptures, to create pictures, in order to describe spiritual things; spiritual realities, in the now.

The book of Revelation is called: The Revelation [or unveiling] of Jesus Christ [The very Lion of the tribe of Judah that became the peace offering Lamb of God]!

In other words, it concerns itself with the work of redemption, with the present continuous unveiling of truth, like leaven introduced into a lump of dough, spreading throughout the dough and growing in influence, until the whole lump of dough is thoroughly leavened.

And thus, the book of revelation is about the incarnation and work of redemption; it's about the present continuous invading of earth, through the gospel, and therefore the kingdom of our God and of His Christ, winning over the hearts of men, and subduing the kingdoms of this world, through love; through the truth of God's love, making both the hearts of men, and their kingdoms, the kingdom of our God and of His Christ!

The book ends with a picture of the Kingdom of God coming into the earth, establishing His rule and reign within people's hearts and lives; it describes this city [US, the body of Christ; the very bride of Christ] the city and stronghold of God; the city of FAITH, which builder and maker is God, descending out of the heavenly realm and taking center stage in the earth!

(It is a city which gates are always open, in which God is the light thereof, and there is no night there, and there is only one street of gold [representing both, Jesus, and the faith of God, revealed in Him], leading into the very heart of the city, directly to the Throne Room.

You see, that city is not still coming, it has always existed in the spirit-realm, in that realm of eternity; it's not still coming, it is here already, and those who have embraced who they are in Christ and have embraced their true Father are already in that city. That City comes from above, and so do we! That city gave us birth!

Just like it says: “But YOU HAVE COME to Mount Zion, the city of the living God; the heavenly Jerusalem. YOU HAVE ARRIVED IN THAT REALM of angels, where thousands upon thousands of angelic forces are gathered together in joyful assembly (to serve the Lord and His Christ; to serve and help advance the gospel – to serve you as co-workers together with God!) Oh yes, YOU HAVE COME to the EKKLESIA of the firstborn, WHOSE NAMES ARE ALL WRITTEN ABOUT (and they ARE KNOWN IN HEAVEN – IN THE SPIRIT-REAL, IN THE ETERNAL REALM!) You HAVE ALREADY COME to God (seated in the heavenly realm with Christ, in the bosom of the Father); He is the One who judges ONLY IN RIGHTEOUSNESS! You HAVE INDEED joined the ranks of the spirits of the righteous perfected IN CHRIST (through THE FAITH OF GOD). YOU HAVE EMBRACED JESUS, the One who mediated the New Covenant, His blood has already been applied to the heavenly mercy seat (your conscience – the spirit of your mind [The Arc of the Covenant in the Old Covenant Temple, is a prophetic picture, which corresponds to your spirit and person; to your very inner man, where the Manna, or Christ is preserved and where the Word is written, not on tablets of stone, but within your heart. It is also where that royal rod of priestly authority blossoms from and bears fruit in resurrection life and power], for YOU are the very Temple of God! - 1 Corinthians 3:16-17 & 6:19-20; Ephesians 2:19-22; 1 Peter 2:4-9); surely the blood of God's peace offering Lamb speaks a more superior Word, and it represents much better things than the blood of Abel which cried out for justice (Jesus is the very One who removed the curse and restored the true justice Abel's blood was prophetically crying out for!)” - Hebrews 12:22-24.

“For it is written that Abraham had two sons, one by the slave woman and the other by the free woman. His son by the slave woman was born according to the flesh, but his son by the free woman was born as the result of a divine promise (fulfilled in part, as a prophetic sign of yet another son; the ultimate Son to come, about whom the promise was really about). Hey, these things are being taken figuratively:The two women represent two covenants. (Two trees also, just like Cain and Abel; Abel represents Christ, the Tree of Life, ha... ha... ha...) One covenant is from Mount Sinai (where Moses introduced the Law) and it bears children who are slaves: This is now this Hagar woman I am referring to. So let me enlighten you about this, you see, Hagar now in New Testament times, stands for Mount Sinai in Arabia (where Moses introduced the Law), and it corresponds directly to the present physical city of Jerusalem (Note: That was before A.D. 70 and the utter destruction of the city of Jerusalem), because she together with all her children is in slavery to the Law of works (to the Law of Sin and Death; the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil). BUT THE JERUSALEM WHICH IS FROM ABOVE IS FREE, AND SHE IS OUR MOTHER!” - Galatians 4:22-26.

You see, that is that city, the New Jerusalem, which John wrote about figuratively in the book of Revelation and which descended from above, in Jesus Christ, in the incarnation and work of redemption, and which is now here on earth becoming “a city set on a hill” in us; a city that cannot be hidden, and cannot be ignored; it has already taken center stage and is becoming a prominent force and influence to be reckoned with in the earth today, influencing the hearts of people with the light of eternal Truth and with God Himself; the kingdoms of this world have already become the kingdoms of our God and of His Christ, in the work of redemption!

...And so, now, through us, they are indeed becoming the kingdoms of our God and of His Christ!

And so, there at the end of the book of Revelation, John says, “He Jesus Himself, who testifies to the truth and reality of all these things, says, 'Surely I am coming quickly, [in your day even!]'”

“'Amen!' says John, 'Even so, come Lord Jesus [in other words: Hasten the process; hasten Your winning over of people's hearts through Your love for them; hasten this process of taking over of the globe!]” - Revelation 22:20.

Ha... ha... ha... Hallelujah!

The picture ends and so does the entire Book with an open invitation to anyone who is still remaining outside – outside the open gates of the city, in outer darkness.

Jesus himself speaks and He says,

“I, Jesus, am the root of Jesse; the Offspring of David – the very Bright and Morning Star [the Sun or Son] Himself! And so, both the Spirit of Christ as well as the entire bride, they all say, “Come!” So, let him who hears and understands what is being said, also say, “Come!” And let him who thirsts, come. And whoever desires so – let him take the waters of life freely!” - Revelation 22:16-17)

So, what ultimately happens to those who resist God and to those who wake up in Hell, or the “Lake of Fire” on the other side of Death's door?

And what became of Judas Iscariot? Adolf Hitler? Joseph Stalin? Jack the Ripper, etc., etc.

Is the torment of Hell forever for these people, and people like them?

Of course we all have our theories about that (based on our own pet doctrine or favorite scripture verse or two, or based solely on this, that, or the other), but in the end, your guess is as good as mine!

And anyone who wants to tell you otherwise, and be emphatic about it, and pretends that they KNOW FOR SURE, is lying to you, plain and simple!

The Bible does not hold all the answers and it is vague and as clear as mud on so many things, especially when it comes to life once we leave this natural dimension behind!

You see, none of us have been there yet, and it's a one way ticket, ha... ha... ha... so none of us still here know FOR SURE what is going to happen to every single individual, or what that life in that other dimension will be like!

And even in cases where someone is raised from the dead, the things they come back and talk about is still in picture language, trying to describe indescribable things, and so in the unseen realm of reality, in that other dimension, beyond the laws of gravity and physics and matter and time or space or any other natural physical reality, in that other dimension, that unseen spirit-dimension God communicated with them in picture language things they could comprehend with their feelings and impressions, in their experience of that other dimension, but the places they visited are not literal physical places as we understand natural reality.

The places exist, they are real, and yet they do not exist as literal physical places – hey, we are talking spirit-dimension here!

That's why the “experiences” they describe in the things they saw in that “experience” sounds a lot like the book of Revelation.

Even John had to admit that living in a natural dimension, makes it hard for us to even begin to comprehend a spirit dimension that is vastly different from this natural dimension we live in and does not at all, remotely even, look like anything in the natural.

It simply blows our minds and we can't quite wrap our brains around it!

He said in 1 John 3:2-3, “My dear friends, now we are the children of God (already [That much we know for sure]), but what we will be HAS NOT YET BEEN MADE KNOWN.”

“(We do know this very well that) when CHRIST is revealed (when He appears to us by revelation, and the fog lifts, or our blinders come off, and the veil over our spiritual eyes is removed in that revelation) we shall be like Him, for then we see Him as He is.

...All who have this hope in Him (of spending all of eternity in oneness with Him) purify themselves in their love for Him, just as He is pure in His love for us!”

I don't know for the life of me why some people find it hard, even impossible to forgive themselves, or others, and let go of their issues, and simply yield to love, but then again, I haven't lived in their shoes, and I guess it depends on the individual and how far they have gone in violation of their own conscience, or how offended they really are.

I do know this though that evil is not eternal, and therefore not forever, but love is – and that love is powerful, fierce and relentless!

Aren't you glad that we are not God, and that none of us have every single answer!?

But what we do know FOR SURE is that Jesus, and His work of redemption, are and remain our only hope of accurately comprehending and grasping and embracing the immense love and person of God our Father.

The Godhead and our oneness with the Godhead was and is in no place or person more clearly revealed than in Him; Jesus Christ!

Ultimate truth came to life in Him and was unveiled and put on display!

Ultimate reality was thus revealed in Him!

Immortality came to light in Him!

Eternal life was made known in Him!

In the person of Jesus Christ God already kissed the human race – now the kissing back is up to us!

And in what I am saying on this page and on the previous "The Gospel in 3D" page God already kissed your being!

Now kiss back!

You see religion have preached and promoted a heaven or hell choice; a heaven versus hell message for way too long, when it has been about a love-affair, about the romance of the ages all along!

Both heaven and hell become a non-issue to those who have fully grasped and embraced His love.

Hell will never again feature in my future and Paradise-heaven is an automatic, for I have grasped and realized that I have been found safe and sound in the very bosom of my Father, and so now I enjoy my oneness with Deity, Him in me, and I in Him, and so, my future is secure!

I for one do not like to gamble with my life and my future and base it on some fantasy belief I concocted and choose to hold on to and hope I am right about in the end.

I refuse to gamble with my life and my future by relying on a mere guess; not even if it is an educated one.

Hey, why continue to believe and live a lie, when the truth has been so clearly revealed!

Why waste another day living TOWARDS, when I could be fully living FROM?!

That's why, when I realized I am indeed fully embraced in Him by Him, I embraced it with both arms, and it then became the most natural thing for me to kiss back!

Hey, today is the day of salvation!

So, today, in hearing these things, do not harden your heart any further in your own stubbornness!

And do not sit there and read these things and put it off for yet another day – embrace love and life in all its fullness and KISS BACK!

Let the change that is already affecting your heart happen in you to the full!

You are standing in God's full embrace; allow yourself to go there – embrace Him fully!

For with the heart one BELIEVES and so a new conversation erupts out of you! “I-too-am-saved” conversation!

It starts with a simple acknowledgment from within your own heart: God you are my Daddy who loves me and I fully embrace You!

That's all it takes for you to begin to reconnect with God within yourself and allow Him to take your relationship with Him to another much more intimate level!

And so, right now, where you are, just flip the switch in your spirit, and become aware of His most immediate nearness; Love's most immediate presence!

It's as simple as that!

Awake unto Him!

Do not be afraid!

I encourage you to do it right now, awake to His most immediate presence!

God's Urgent Appeal

As I said before: God is everywhere; He takes up all the space – He is larger than life; He is reality itself!

But you see it takes a paradigm shift; it takes transformation in the way we see things, for us to enjoy that reality; to enjoy God and to enjoy Paradise-heaven – to enjoy what is rightfully ours!

...That paradigm shift; that transformation in the way we see things, requires revelation!

Paul says in Romans 12:1-2, and Ephesians 4:21-24 that, “We are transformed in the spirit of our minds, by the renewing of the mind;”

And it is important for us to understand that being transformed in the spirit of our minds, by the renewing of our mind is not something we do.

You cannot just renew your own mind; you cannot just decide on your own to renew your mind and all of a sudden think differently!

You cannot simply replace a thought or a belief system!

An inferior thought has to be replaced by a greater thought, by superior more accurate revelation into God's eternal truth; the truth of who He really is and who we really are!

So, this is where my friends and I come in and the things we share

...this is where the gospel comes in and where the Spirit of Truth and the power of God come in.

The renewing of the mind, revelation into greater truth is something that happens to us, by God's doing, through truth; through the Spirit of Truth and the power of God – it's an AWAKENING that happens within us, when we hear and understand and grasp and comprehend the gospel, by the Spirit of Truth that accompany the truth of God's gospel, and then an immediate transformation happens also in our lives; in all our conduct!

What is it again that we grasp in the gospel; what is it that is revealed to us by the Spirit of Truth?

It is revealed to you, and it becomes clear to you that the old caterpillar-worm you thought and believed you are, were a butterfly all along!

Ha... ha... ha... hallelujah!

In fact that butterfly is never called “a caterpillar saved by grace,” no; the butterfly simply is what it is!

There is no comparison between the old and the new; between the butterfly and the worm, they don't even have the same diet!

Every reference to the caterpillar-worm is gone, it died in the cocoon!

Instead of crawling on the ground like a caterpillar, the butterfly is now soaring free!

It has left the cocoon behind!

You see, it is important that we make our reference the cross and the resurrection!

But more than that, all of it, the cross, the resurrection, all of it is a reference that points to and leads us to that which was from the beginning, and which is now fully restored to its accurate glory!

The cross and the resurrection was the very cocoon in which the caterpillar died; but it is the ascension that makes all the difference in the world; that is where we are; where we now live, and where we live from!

Now through the gospel, by the Spirit of Truth we merely awaken.

God AWAKENS us by His Spirit, by His power, in that download of His faith and truth, as we hear and comprehend the gospel accurately! - Romans 1:16-17.

We awaken to our beingness that is found in Him; we are not found in any other context.

There is no context that can define us more than the moment of awakening and realizing that in Him we live and move and have our being; our true identity

...and that we are indeed His offspring

...and that we are loved immensely!

And it is not complicated to grasp because the gospel is clear and the Spirit of Truth is good at His job!

Hey, you are faith-compatible!

You are Spirit-compatible!

You are revelation-compatible!

You are love-compatible!

Even children can grasp these things for they are designed for it; they are custom designed for the Spirit of God and for the love of God; to be able to grasp the love of God for them!

The problem with us grown-ups is that we have forgotten the Rock that begot us; the God of our origin, the One who gave our spirits birth, before He birthed us in our mother's womb!

We have gotten out of touch with our hearts, and with our spirit!

We resist the things of God, because of ingrained ignorance

...we are brainwashed by man-made religious nonsense

...and by our circumstances

...and by the mindset of a cynical blind society around us

...and by the reasoning of our own minds, and we need to be brought back to it; to the things of God and to God Himself!

God wants us to return to these things, to return to Him!

He has reconciled us, and so now He makes an urgent appeal therefore and He says,

“BE reconciled to Me

...simply BE reconciled

...return to your Daddy

...return to My loving arms, and BE unto Me what I have made you to be!

...For I have desired you from day 1, and I have never stopped loving and desiring your companionship and oneness with you

...To this day, I still CHOOSE YOU!

...I still desire YOU!

...You have My full attention and affection; I long for yours!”

If you need someone to pray with you, to help make this a reality to you and to help solidify you in your relationship with God, feel free to contact us!