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Living Word International

Bringing God's Love, Redemption Truth & Power To Life In People!

Resurrection Life Now!

Activating Resurrection Life In You!

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Jesus could not be held by death! He could not be held!

…because of the power of that act of righteousness!

…because of the holiness of such love demonstrated!

Tremendous power was released from Heaven in one legal act!

…because of God's legal declaration!

…declaring the end of the fall!

…declaring man's total release!

Romans 4:25 says that, "He was delivered up; given over to death, because of our sins, and then He was raised, because of our justification; …because we were made righteous and declared righteous! …because we were made innocent and declared innocent!"

Hallelujah! In His death, we died!

And in His resurrection, we were raised to newness of life!

Jesus triumphed over the government of sin and death, and released the law of the Spirit of life, to operate in the lives of all those who would dare believe what He did, and embrace fully, that gift of salvation and redemption and restoration and righteousness!

We are living in the power of the resurrection!

The government of the life of the Spirit is established in the power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ!

That government; that life of the Spirit is real!

And it is established, in the resurrection! the power released there!

That resurrection life is the most powerful life that we can ever partake of!