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Living Word International

Bringing God's Love, Redemption Truth & Power To Life In People!

God's Unfailing Integrity!

(Helping the believer to fully appropriate truth! Book 3)

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“I give thanks, always, for you, because of the grace of God which was given you in Christ Jesus …so that, in every way, you were enriched in Him …with all speech and all knowledge …even as the testimony of Christ was confirmed among you, and within you …so that, you are not lacking in any spiritual gift, as you wait for the revealing of (…as you intertwine yourself with the revelation of) our Lord Jesus Christ, who will then also sustain you to the end, guiltless, in the day of (…in the light of; in the revelation truth of) our Lord Jesus Christ!”

Listen, God remains committed to you, because of what He knows to be the eternal truth about you!

Even if no one believes that truth as it is revealed in the Gospel, God believes it!

I say again, even if every single person on the face of the earth refuse to believe the implications of what God accomplished for them in Christ, in the work of redemption, God remains persuaded about it, He cannot deny Himself!

This is book number three in the series: Helping the believer to fully appropriate truth! There are 6 books a part of this series:

1. Faith’s Vision

2. Faith Inspired Obedience

3. Unfailing Integrity

4. Appropriating Truth

5. Multiply what you have in God

6. Faith’s fuel