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Living Word International

Bringing God's Love, Redemption Truth & Power To Life In People!

God's Measure Vs. Man's Measure

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In one of my other books “No Longer Looking for Applause” I explored the concept of people’s hunger for applause and their need for positive recognition …and the extent that they would go to, to receive that recognition from other people …as a basis for righteousness …as a basis for justification …as a basis to bolster their ego and feed their pride and silence or soothe their conscience …and so to justify their existence on this planet! You see every person at their core realizes from the earliest stages of consciousness that there is more to them than meets the eye, …we have all come to realize that there is more to us than just kind of making it through the day and through the season …and then to die at a good old age, and hopefully to be able to leave an inheritance to our children, and a monument to our good conduct! …we all know, deep within ourselves that there must be more to life; that we were made for more …for more than just a natural existence …so we hunger and crave for righteousness …what I mean is we all hunger for the kind of appreciation; the kind of approval …that would permanently satisfy and fulfill us. But let me tell you, God did not have in mind a being in us, that would be inferior …and not measure up to His own approval …not measure up to be His eternal companion! He did not leave any of us in any way lacking in glory …lacking in the full brilliance of what we were designed for …lacking in the full brilliance of His very own design …lacking in the full brilliance of His own image and likeness!