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Living Word International

Bringing God's Love, Redemption Truth & Power To Life In People!

Fully Persuaded:

Nothing Can Separate Us From the Love of God!

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possessing. When we are talking about intimately fully knowing the love of Christ, we are talking about heart knowledge, full persuasion! We are talking about a knowledge that way surpasses understanding. It's of another dimension, it's of a spirit dimension, it's of a faith dimension; it's of a heart dimension. Listen, your mind can get tired of 1+1=2. You can so easily get bored with that knowledge. The language of the heart, the conviction and persuasion of the heart is another matter altogether, it surpasses knowledge. You see, your heart speaks the language of love, it's an intimate language that the mind sometimes cannot even comprehend. Your spirit, your heart, cannot get enough of, 'I love you'. It understands that language perhaps more than any other language! There is a vast difference between knowing about love and being in love! Being in love is much better! Our hearts were custom designed to respond to the gospel. Experiencing the love of Christ which surpasses knowledge is what our spirits feasts off of. It's the bread of life, and the living water; it's what your inner-man of the heart lives off of. When we hear about the love of God for us, there is an immediate witness, and an acknowledgment of that truth within our spirits, within our hearts. Your spirit was designed for that truth. You heart was designed to respond to that love. You were designed for the love of God! God wants to fully persuade you of His love!