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Living Word International

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Faith Inspired Obedience: So Much Better Than the Guilt and Reward System of the Law! (Helping the believer to fully appropriate truth) (Volume 2)

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Faith inspired obedience is a different kind of obedience than an obedience which is guilt or reward motivated. You see the Law also motivates obedience. Whether it is societal law in general, the Law of Moses, Islamic Law, or any other religious law or moral code, or merely the strong opinions of your parents or peers that govern and guide you, the point is whatever law of conscience you try to live by, through its promises of punishment and reward the Law also motivates some kind of obedience. But you see, that obedience will limit you to your own effort, to your own ability to obey. Most of the time under that system you will find yourself under the dominion of guilt and condemnation. That is why Paul emphasized in 2 Corinthians 3:6 & 7 that the Law is the ministry of death, not life. Paul said in Romans 1:5 that his mission through his ministry is to bring about the obedience of faith, and in chapter 6:17 he says this: “Thanks be to God that even though we were once slaves of sin, we have become obedient from the heart to the standard of teaching.” What awakened that obedience Paul is referring to; the obedience of faith? The degree of revelation. The standard of teaching. Insight and revelation into the gospel.

This is book number two in the series: Helping the believer to fully appropriate truth! There are 6 books in this series:

1. Faith’s Vision

2. Faith Inspired Obedience

3. Unfailing Integrity

4. Appropriating Truth

5. Multiply what you have in God

6. Faith’s fuel