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Living Word International

Bringing God's Love, Redemption Truth & Power To Life In People!

Confession of Sin & Freedom From It: Breaking bad habits & destructive addictions by coming to terms with Redemption Realities!

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We need to have a better understanding of the word “CONFESS” as used in the New Testament. The word “CONFESS” or “confession” in the English language means: To speak openly and freely as a result of a deep conviction of facts. The word: “CONFESS,” in the original Greek however, is derived from the word HOMOLOGAO, which means, TO THINK AND SPEAK THE SAME THING; TO BE UNITED IN THOUGHT AND SPEECH WITH GOD HIMSELF.

It is a joining of the two words: HOMO and LOGAO (or LOGOS); HOMO – the same, and LOGAO – to speak, or LOGOS – the WORD …the Word of Christ! …the Word of His Grace! …the Word of our Salvation in Christ! …Redemption realities! …that TRUTH; REDEMPTION TRUTH …the THOUGHTS of God …the OPINION of God …the CONCLUSION of God …the FAITH of God; what God has to say about us in Christ Jesus, in His incarnation and His work of redemption! …what God believes happened on that cross, in that work of redemption …that is what confession is all about! …it’s a conviction of the heart thing, concerning the success of redemption! …it’s a faith thing from beginning to end!