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Living Word International

Bringing God's Love, Redemption Truth & Power To Life In People!

Appropriating Truth

(Helping the believer to fully appropriate truth Book 4)

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Because of God’s heart dream, He has given Himself wholeheartedly and completely to Man in covenant integrity! God did not just give Himself to us in some kind of reluctant religious way or in just some kind of inferior, meaningless, religious philosophy! No. He gave His heart to us: His commitment, in covenant integrity! He gave Himself to us: His devotion, His care, His whole heart, His everything, in covenant commitment, in covenant integrity! He gave His heart to us in covenant integrity as if He could not be trusted.

And so in the New Covenant, as opposed to the Old Covenant which was between God and Man, we discover that the second party is now God Himself. He swore by Himself, by His own being, incarnate in a human body!

Being our original blueprint and now also one with the human race in the incarnation, this Jesus forever became our inseparable representative. Deity took upon Himself humanity to become our inseparable surety. He became the surety of our eternal union with God! Jesus, through the incarnation and then the resurrection, thus became the security of our union with God for all eternity. Isn't that wonderful?! This is book number four in the series: Helping the believer to fully appropriate truth! There are 6 books in this series:

1. Faith’s Vision

2. Faith Inspired Obedience

3. Unfailing Integrity

4. Appropriating Truth

5. Multiply what you have in God

6. Faith’s fuel